Abode of Peace

The Nation of Brunei, a soverign state with a population of 417,784. It located on the north coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia that is surrounded by the state of Sarawak, Malaysia and it is seperated into two parts by the Sarawak district remainder of the island’s territory.

The nation is an Islamaic state, with hungres or more large beautiful mosques all around the country. The banned includes; the sales of alchohol, meat that is not certified “halal”.

During the fasting month of Ramadan, shops and resturant will be open. However, eating,drinking or smoking infront of people that are fasting is considered rude and asking permission is apporopiate.

Visit Mosques in Brunei; The Royal Regalia Musuem, Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, Sultan Sharif Ali Mosque.

For trill seekers, Brunei is also a place for adventure, from mountain biking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, sport fishing, wreck and reef diving to hiking in the jungle. The factor for fun is limiteless in Brunei!

Business Etiquettes : #1 – If invited to someone’s home for dinner bring good quality chocolates or fruit. #2 – Do not give toy dogs to children.

Experiences In Brunei