Land of the rising sun

Konichiwa!! Welcome to Japan! An island nation in the Pacific Ocean that is a sublime mix of ancient tradition and the ultra-modern with skyscraper-filled city, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and over thousands of shrines and temples. It is a country with cutting edge technology invention and the creator of its nation dish, Wasabi that will definitely spice up your taste buds.

Take a walk over at the crowded capital of Japan, Tokyo which is known for its pop culture, neon skyscrapers and as the city that never sleeps or, to on a hiking trip over at Japan’s highest mountain, the Majestic Mt.Fuji. or to refined Kyoto, with its thousands of classical Buddhist temples, imperial palaces, shrines and traditional wooden houses.

The astounding beauty of its landscapes, elegance culture, and its tangible sense of history and cherished traditions will ensure traveler to keep exploring.

Interesting Etiquette: #1 – never flicks, throw, slide, lob or otherwise push your Japanese business card. #2 – Do not grab your host’s hand when first meeting and give it a hearty shake – many Japanese seldom shake hands and can be so uncomfortable doing so as to avoid meeting again!

Experiences In Japan