Japan - Photo Expeditions

“There are no bad pictures; that's just how your face looks sometimes.” - Abraham Lincoln

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Shutterbugs, Ahoy! On our photo expeditions, participants travel to spectacular destinations with professional and experienced photographers for an opportunity to exercise their trigger fingers. Photo enthusiasts and travellers alike, get a unique opportunity that combines photography with local cultural experiences and scenic landscapes, as well as a chance to meet fellow hobbyists. Our professional Photo Expedition Director, Mr Triston Yeo (A National Geographic Award Winning Photographer), plans each trip and shares his expertise about photography from photo shooting techniques right down to the editing process. Go on an adventure with your camera and snap away!

Examples of luxurious experiences and adventures waiting for you to experience in Japan:

  • Scenic Shots: : Mt.Fuji, Kegon Falls, Fukuroda Falls, Shōsen-kyō.
  • Festival and Events: : Shogatsu – Largest of the Japanese festivals, bringing in the new year is taken very seriously in Japan or Hanami – Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival with you families and friends with tea ceremonies under trees, folk songs, dance and parades during this time. .
  • Culture Shots: : Shinto Shrine, Tsukiji Fish Market. Food: Shabu-Shabu, Kaiseki Ryori, Sashimi. .
  • Architecture: : Himeji-Jo, Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto, Genbaku Dome. .
  • Sunrise and Sunset Shots:Oki islands, Kawaguchi-ko, Mt. Fuji, Jogajima. .

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