South Africa

Rainbow Nation

Longed of seeing wildlife in its native habitat? Yearning to learn about new culture? Pack your backpack or your grandest luggage and let us embark a journey together over to South Africa, the multiethnic nation with a wide variety of cultures, language and religion!

Let us create an unforgettable holiday experience together, from taking in the view from the lighthouse above “Cape of Storms” to riding an ostrich in Oudtshoom. We will tailor-make just for you!

To fulfill your desire of seeing wildlife in its native habitat, allow us to bring you on a private tour where you can take a closer look at life behind the scene of the reserve and you’ll even get the chance to see the BIG 5!

If you’re feeling brave, the Shark Cage Diving is another unique adventure that you shouldn’t miss. It doesn’t require you to have any scuba diving qualifications, experience or equipment. All they require is courage! Imagine you, submerging underwater with sharks that are just a few inches away from you. You would definitely need that!

Interesting Etiquette: #1 – Don’t cut bread rolls; instead, break them into small bite-sized pieces on a side plate. #2 – Be punctual, South Africans are punctual and being late is considered rude.

South Africa
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