United Kingdom

The Birth of Legends

The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, it is an island nation in northwestern Europe. England – the birthplace of Shakespeare, The Bealtes, football club Liverpool and Manchester United. The nation capital, London is a gloally influential centre of finance and culture.

United Kingdom, a famous destination that most travelers would want to travel to, countries and places such as;

England has one of the most world’s visted cities, London, the birth of many popular football clubs in the world, such as Liverpool, Manchester united, Manchester City. A place where the site of neolithic Stonehenge Bath’s Roman spa and centuries-old universities at Oxford and Cambrige is located.

Scotland, the home of golf, the land of mountain widernesses such as the Cairngorms and Western Highlands, interspersed with valleys and lakes. This country has many treasures crammed into its compact territory, big skies, landscapes, spectacular wildlife and superb seafood.

Wales, a country in southwest Great Britain known for its rugged coastline, mountainous national parks, desitinctive language and Celtic culture.

And the list goes on, there are just too many adventures and places awaits for you. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll tailor-make according to your perferences!

Interesting Etiquette: #1 – The British might seem a little stiff and formal at first. #2 – Table manners are Continental, i.e. the fork is held in the left hand and the knife in the right while eating. #3 – A firm handshake is the norm; there are no issues over gender in the UK. #4 – Maintain eye contact during the greeting but avoid anything prolonged.

United Kingdom
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