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Touring in Liverpool, Anfield

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

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1896 Travel believes that the world is the best classroom and educational travel helps us realize that potential. By giving emphasis to the learning component of a trip, we become aware of the endless learning opportunities present all around us. The world is abundant with hands-on learning experiences and we want to give your students a chance to discover them.

If you are a teacher or an educator and would like your students to pick up a specific skill while traveling or perhaps bring them to an educational institution for inspiration – we will help you craft that trip. 1896 Travel helps deliver customized itineraries for students which provide fun and engaging learning experiences catered towards the educational objectives of the trip.

To date, we have brought numerous schools and educational institutions, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary, to visit and experience school environments in different countries. Every trip is crafted with the students and learning objectives in mind, providing dynamic learning opportunities at every turn.

Educational trips to United Kingdom will cover community involvements projects, cultural immersion and outdoor adventure.

If United Kingdom is the country you want to visit for learning purposes, contact us! We’ll help you tailor-make a learning journey that is not only fun but also enriching.

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