Where exotic Asia meets Parisian Chic

Vietnam, where exotic Asia meets Parisian chic. Despite multiple lingering influences from its French colonial past, Vietnam is a country that has come into its own over the years. The first thing that one must experience in Vietnam is its incredible coffee culture. With incredible cafes ranging from the ordinary street side cafes to the burgeoning indie cafes run by the youth, one must not miss the chance to interact with locals over a good cup of Vietnamese coffee.

Vietnam is home to both vast natural landscapes and booming cities and townscapes. Navigate through the clear waters of Halong Bay where dreamlike scenes of limestone monoliths rising out of the water will greet you or explore the labyrinth of caves at Phong Nha! Those yearning for open blue skies can pay a visit to the friendly towns of Sapa or Bac Ha where they can witness the mad splash of tribal colours of traditional textiles and trek the rolling hills.

For those drawn to the hustle and bustle of cities, allow Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi to lure you in with its unique auras and overflowing energy levels. Visitors to Vietnam simply cannot go without tasting Banh Mi, which is often coined the ‘World’s Best Street Food’, or the tasty rice noodles – Pho.

Experiences In Vietnam