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As a company with Destination Management capabilities in ASEAN, we offer our clients personalised travel packages, incentives, themed events, congresses, conferences and gala events, according to our clients’ preferences.We believe in providing our clients with exceptional experiences tailored to your needs and wants. As such, 1896 Travel constantly looks for innovative solutions catered to our clients’ needs.

ASEAN refers to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations that was established in 1967 as a political and economic organisation to bring countries in Southeast Asia closer. “Southeast Asia, feel the warmth?is the slogan of destination ASEAN that encompasses not just the tropical climate, but is representative of ASEAN’s rich cultures and its hospitable people.

Destination ASEAN is a melting pot of cultures that have entwined with one another and exchanged various elements and practices from one another. Yet, it is interesting to note that the various cultures still maintain their distinct identities, making the region replete with diversity, mystery and beauty. The region is also home to intriguing contradictions, between the new and the old, modernity and traditions, cosmopolitanism and rustic cultural heritage. Hence, ASEAN offers an immense amount of exploration with countless secrets and surprises waiting to be unveiled.

Events and Activities in Vietnam:

  • Tips for flying into Vietnam: Both Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh are stops for big international carriers with frequent flights to both cities. Domestic traveling can be done by airplane and taxis are cheap and readily available (expect cabbies to have a weaker command of English).
  • Good Business Hotels: New World Hotel Saigon, Caravelie Hotel Saigon, Moevenpick Hotel Hanoi, Best Western Indochine Palace Hue.
  • Business Districts:  Ho Chi Minh City District 1 and Hanoi Central Business District.
  • Interesting Etiquette: #1 – A smile can mean nervousness, irritation or lack of understanding, #2 – Do not let a Vietnamese loose face in-front of others, #3 – Decision making happens by consensus and therefore might take longer than first anticipated.
  • Our Services: Be it meetings, conferences or themed events, 1896 Travel would like to make it happen for you! On one of our projects, we organised a photo amazing race around Ho Chi Minh City that required our participants to track down places shown in photographs. While riding Tuk Tuks to their destinations, participants got a chance to interact with locals and experience the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City up close.

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