Vietnam - Community Service

A project going on in the background that needs some strong carrying arms

“The key to community is the acceptance, in fact the celebration of our individual and cultural differences. It is also the key to world peace” – M. Scott Peck

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CIP/CSR trips have been a cornerstone of 1896 Travel since its early beginnings as we feel it is important for us to play a role for those in need of an extra hand especially across Southeast Asia and the Himalayan Highlands. Community Involvement Programmes(CIP) or Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) trips allow you to lend your skills and exchange knowledge with others.

Apart from being a rewarding experience, CIP is also a great way to gain insights into different communities. In Southeast Asia or the Himalayan regions, there are plenty of projects ready for those who are eager to roll up their sleeves and impact the world positively and we would like to make it happen. Most importantly, these regions are teeming with an abundance of invaluable knowledge and there is much to be learnt.

    We hope to ensure that these trips adds value to all parties involved, not just the traveler who seeks a unique experience but the local communities as well.

    For Community Involvement in Indonesia, we offer experiences within the following categories:

    • Physical Work: To help a community by volunteering for labor work in projects that promotes the welfare of that community. Labor work might include cleaning and painting of schools, construction of walls, libraries and school fences or prepping gardens.
    • Educational Work: Be an English tutor, project leader or sports coach for local schools, communities or sports teams.
    • Interaction: Participate in cultural exchange performance where both sides will showcase the traditions and culture of their countries, be it in terms of dance, music, food or games

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